A Tidal Wave of Momentum

One in ten refreshment beverages consumed is a bottled water. With over $5 billion in sales and double-digit growth for several years in a row, the bottled water market has emerged as a real business category.

Since early 1996, Silver Creek Bottling Company has bottled almost 8 million gallons of water into over 50 million bottles. Manufacturing output and sales have grown almost eightfold since that first year.

The company is privately owned by Ace Coffee Bar, Inc. Located in Streamwood, Illinois (25 minutes from O'Hare Airport), Silver Creek's mission is to be known as a high quality, dependable manufacturer of bottled spring water products.

We researched and tested several spring water sources throughout the Midwest to find a water that met our high standards. We found that exact source we had hoped for in the pristine and protected lower Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin.

Century Springs located in Genesee Depot, Wisconsin, has been flowing for more than 100 years and meets all industry, IBWA (Internationa Bottled Water Association) and FDA standards as well as our own strict testing requirements. To ensure the best taste, color, odor and nutritional value, over 125 chemicals and other attributes are measured at the source with some retested just prior to bottling.

Our plant and operations management have extensive backgrounds in beverages including juices. Many "perishable" manufacturing requirements were incorporated into the everyday standards at Silver Creek. These quality steps represent a value-added benefit for our customers like few bottlers can deliver.

In addition, we have been able to meet the growing and diverse needs of both the industry and our customers. By adding blending capabilities for numerous flavored and/or nutritional supplement products, we can appeal to a greater customer base. Increasing the number of bottle sizes, shapes, and multi-packs allows our customers greater variety and flexibility in their market efforts. Silver Creek's Prime Chicago area, Midwestern Regionality is very key for the logisics needs of our customers, helping to keep transportation costs to a minimum.

Today we produce more than 175 different labels and packages for over 45 private label/co-pack customers as well as our own network of distributors and direct customers of Silver Creek own brands. We think that everyone is entitled to the best - especially when it comes to water, which is so essential to your health and well-being.